Goodbye June Hello July!

June was a busy month for us this year! T is all done at Head Start and now will be starting kindergarten in the fall, I can’t believe it!!! I literally started crying when it was his last day and was the last time he was going to walk out of that building as a student there. I may have had some problems with the school for 2 years but they helped T out in so many ways and he has progresses so much! His one teacher Miss. M she literally started crying cause she didn’t want to see T leave, everyone loved having T there, but we promised to bring him in to visit his teachers.

Miss. M was crying

Miss. M was crying

Last day of Pre-K

Last day of Pre-K

With T’s class there were a few field trips that they had planned. They had the fire truck come in and they got to use the fire hose, which T was excited about and had a blast. Then we went and visited the fire hall, the kids had fun seeing everything and getting to sit in the ambulance. Then the finally field trip was to a cow farm, the kids get to see baby cows and then see how cows are milked. Poor T he couldn’t handle the smell of the cows so we had to walk away from the class, but I don’t blame him, normally I can handle it but it was a bit strong that day lol.

He loved getting to use the fire hose

He loved getting to use the fire hose

Also in June, D got back to work, where he was working the company decided to lay off about 49 random people. Its like they took a hat a just drew names, it was just all random people they laid off. That was back in February and it was so depressing cause D couldn’t find work where we live. Finally he did find work, its doing what he is good at and we get him out of the house 8hrs a day so that’s all that matters lol. We loved having D home but after awhile he got to be annoying and he just needed to get back to work. If your husband/wife was out of work for 4 months would you be able to handle them the whole time or start going nuts? Its okay be honest here, I was and D knows it lol.

Another good thing happened in June, my little Etsy shop KreativeMumma, made 4 sales bringing it to a total of 8 since last September!! I know not very good sale numbers but I am glad to see I am able to make some sales on Etsy, I guess some people don’t like my stuff or something. Right now I am trying to think of some more geeky related items to work on to add to the shop and maybe a few more quilts. If you would like check out my shop on Etsy and also Facebook page!!

On June 18th, me and D celebrated our 7 year anniversary! Well we didn’t do anything for it just spent it as a normal day but hard to believe it has been 7 years! I couldn’t ask for anyone else but D to be in my life. He is always there for me, especially when I am sick, and always willing to help when it comes to my shop. He is an amazing father to our son and I just couldn’t be any more happier.

The month of June was a very good month! There was a lot of good things that went on yes a few stressful things but that’s called life. I am hoping July we have just as much fun as we did in June! Hope all that read this have a wonderful summer this year and make lots of memories with ¬†your family!!

3rd year for “Mom’s Place of Sanity”


WHOA!!! I totally forgot today 3 years ago I started this blog. I have shared a lot you all of you and its amazing how fast 3 years go by.

I’ve had a lot going on lately I haven’t been able to blog but hey all us parents have our job as taking care of our children first. I want to say thank you to all my devoted followers for sticking by and taking the time to stop by read and comment on posts. Some of you have read about journeys we have been going thru with our son T and the soon journeys we will be going thru with him. He is starting kindergarten in the fall and he has some testing we have to go for, that will be a stressful journey but we will get thru it. Also been keeping busy with trying to get my Etsy shop going, its been open almost a year already and only 4 sales :-( but I guess in time.

Again thank you to all my followers and happy anniversary to my blog!! Hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend, have fun and be safe!!!

Been “sew” busy


As of lately I’ve been fairly busy with sewing and getting T ready for Kindergarten! That’s right in the fall my baby boy will be going to public school and starting kindergarten, we can’t believe it and wish he would just stop growing! We took him in last week to take a test basically they did stuff with him to find out which teacher to place him with. He even got to climb up into the big kids school bus and walk around and check everything out and he is REALLY excited about going to school.

With getting T ready for Kindergarten I’ve also been busy getting stuff sewn to post onto my Etsy shop! I opened the shop up a while ago and have only had 4 sales, I am trying to stay positive but its hard to. I currently just got done making decorative pillows that are made to order with the designs of “Agents of Shield“, “Hail Hydra“, “Rebel Alliance“, “Adipose” from Doctor Who, “Alliance & Horde” from World of Warcraft. They are just 12″ x 12″ pillows and figure perfect size to have setting on your couch to showcase your love for them. I’ve also been working on quilts to add to the shop but slowly running out of ideas but I know I will think of something lol.

I just can’t believe I actually started up a Etsy shop and have at least sold a few items, hopefully soon I will sell more and people can be an owner of a creation of mine. Other then getting T ready for Kindergarten and trying to get my shop going nothing else exciting has been going on. I’ve been neglecting the blogging world cause just not much has been going on lol but hey I’m still here!!

Hope everyone has been doing great! Are you ready for summer yet?! We kind of are mainly for going to the drive in and spending fun outside!!

Nighttime potty training


First off whoa its been a bit since I’ve last post sorry!

As the title says, we have been working with T on his nighttime potty training, and we have had some good success this time around. We ran out of pull-ups and we didn’t have the money to buy more so we figure best time to start working instead of wasting money on those pull-ups. We started on April 16, 2014 and that night was a success well its been a month since we started and T has only had 3 accidents. That is really good in our book, when he had an accident we didn’t get upset just cleaned up the mess and explained it was okay.

I can’t believe how well he is doing with the nighttime potty training, he has shocked us all on how well he has done. We are thinking by time he starts Kindergarten in the Fall he might be fully night time potty trained! But lets not get our hopes up too high cause you never know. I am just proud of him, this has been stressful but at the same time I can’t believe my baby boy is growing up!

How old was your little one when they were fully nighttime potty trained or when did you start?