Lunch chat


Yesterday (03.15.2014) we were sitting down having lunch and T for some reason started talking about where he came from. Now he is too young to know where kids come from he is only 4 years old so we ask him where does he think they come from and his story is so stinking cute! He said that we went to a baby store and picked him out, he kept going on and asking questions on why did we pick him and where he was in the store and other stuff. It was such a cute convo with him, its amazing how kids come up with some cute stories, he has told this story before but it’s still cute when he tells the story. At least we have more years before T has about wanting to know where babies REALLY come from.

Does your child(ren) ever ask where babies come from and did they come up with a cute story? I would love to hear their stories.

Star of Chaos Quilt

A few months back a friend asked about ordering a quilt from me, the quilt design she requested was something dealing with Warhammer. Now I have no frigging idea what it is, I’ve seen pictures of her bf playing but I will never understand it lol. Needless to say coming up with a pattern wasn’t easy, with everything both of us had going on I think we both kinda forgot about the project, but beginning of December it was brought up in convo and a pattern was finally established. My other half found a design online called “Star of Chaos” showed it to our friend (S) and she loved it, I figured that it would be easy but boy was I proven wrong.

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Above is the picture of the finished quilt, I am very happy with the way it had come out. I had to enlarge the star that was decided for the design and once enlarged got it printed off and then had the fun of cutting everything out and taping it all together. After I had the star cut out of paper I had my design and had to trace that onto the red fabric and cut that out. At this point figured “oh this is going to be really frigging easy to put together”, but omg was I wrong. Something was going on with everything and my machine just kept screwing up and I couldn’t get the star to stay in place. So last minute I ran to the store to get more red fabric, I felt so bad cause it wasn’t the same red as the first one and got some Heat and Bond, was my first time using this type normally I use Wonder Under, but man it works so much nicer. I laid out the new red fabric, ironed on the heat and bond and then traced and cut out the star once again. Then once I had the backing pieced and the borders added on the top I went and free motioned the entire quilt. Once quilted I took the new star and ironed it onto the quilt top, it looked so much better then the first one and when I went to sew it in place it worked like a dream!! I sewed close to the edges so when it was washed it would fray a little and give that raggedy look just like the picture we found online.

Overall I loved how this custom order quilt came together, it took from December 7th til early early December 16th, so not bad timing for making a quilt after being free motioned and having issues with it. The quilt was for her bf for Christmas, and she received it on December 19th and she couldn’t wait til Christmas for him to open it but she did. From what I have been told and the picture I seen he was very excited and loves the quilt. This quilt took me way out of my element cause I haven’t done much free motioned and working with the star was completely different then I am used to. But, I worked through my worries and got it finished, so glad it came out great and our friends are happy with it!!