Temper, temper little one

Story time before bed

Story time before bed

Things have been a bit crazy around here lately, but that’s the joys of life right?! T has had a wicked temper for quite a while and it was starting to get out of control. It was to the point no matter what we would say, he would yell at us for no reason at all, and then throw his hands in the air and say “fine, I don’t care”, “fine just throw my stuff out” and bunch of other things and we would simply ask him to eat his dinner or if we had to go somewhere I would get that attitude. Now, D is home 24/7 for a while so now he got to see what I was dealing with everyday and now understood why I was always stressed. Due to T’s bad attitude it would get me stressed and D at the time couldn’t fully understand why and then it would cause us to start arguing. With D being home, T’s attitude has improved a lot, and it’s only been a week of D being home 24/7. We still get a bit of an attitude but we are able to quickly get it under control, it’s nice having both of us here to manage these outbursts.

We’ve also started reading a story every night to T before bed. We are reading Magic Tree House books, if T has been good all day we will sit and read a whole book (which is 10 chapters like 70ish pages), if he’s had an attitude we will only read half of it and the rest the next day. He has really been enjoying these books, they are really awesome stories and I would recommend them to anyone with kids.

I’m just hoping T’s attitude continues to improve, and when it’s back to me and him during the day, his attitude won’t change for the worse and we won’t go back to how he was. I’ve been noticing we’ve been having a lot more good days with T than bad like we’ve been dealing with before.

On the good note! T’s 3rd quarter report card came in, and he is doing amazing job in school. He has improved with a lot of his work, and his math he went up from a 76 to an 84! That’s actually really good for a 1st grader and has to work with common core. Part of me would still love to home school him but he’s been doing really good in public school, so he’ll probably stay in school until he graduates.

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Crocheting basics….tutorial included!

Crocheting is an relaxing hobby to pick up on, and if you get really good at it you can make some amazing things and make money off them. But, first you got to get to know the basics, some may say that it’s hard to crochet. Honestly, it is a little bit hard at first to learn, but when you get the hang of it, you’ll be like “really, it’s so easy”!

I’ve decided to start making videos on how to crochet the basics, and maybe sometime in the future showing how to make other things. So far I have made only one video, and I am actually quite happy with how it came out. I just hope the videos over time will help people to learn how to crochet.

Below is my video, it’s only a little over 8 minutes long and shows how to do a slip knot, chaining and single crochet. I hope those interested find this video helpful, I’m hoping to get more videos made and put online.:-)

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Wordless Wednesday!!


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Updated Sewing Space!

My little sewing space has always been a part of our dinning room, and since I started back up sewing in 2011 my love for it has grown meaning I’ve gotten more and more stuff for it. So it was finally time to get everything properly organized. Our dinning room is like a little over 1/2 filled with sewing related items, the rest is our actual table and arts & crafts shelf. I am actually loving how it is all set up, now if I could just get back into actually sewing again that would be nice. I haven’t sewn since after RetroGameCon, I don’t know why but I just haven’t felt like sewing, I think part of it is because I lost the enjoyment of sewing and it feels like a job because of my Etsy shop. Well, enough of the boohoo nonsense onto pictures of my sewing space:-)


I used to have a separate table for just my sewing space but it was just taking up space so now my cutting table is also used for my sewing machine. The table also used to be on risers but because of the sewing machine I had to take them off otherwise I couldn’t sew, my legs are too short to reach the peddle lol.


Up close of “Beasty”, this is by far the best sewing machine I’ve ever owned!! It was pricey when it was bought but so worth it. This machine has done lots of quilting and making awesome stuff.


This lovely shelf is new, and it holds ALL my fabric!! No more keeping fabric in several bins. It finally has a nice place to be stored and nothing happen to them. I’m pretty proud of myself I put this together 3/4 by myself and the other 1/4 was help from D.


This shelf serves two purposes, the top three shelves are used for my sewing supplies. The very top has all my sewing patterns and ideas along with other important things, and the shelf with the white drawers is something new. Michael’s was having a huge sale and I got this for only $15 instead of $45, and it’s perfect to store the little things I need for sewing. There are two more shelves not pictured that holds all our board games.


This lazy Susan is an awesome investment! Along with the other white drawers, this too was on sale at Michael’s, originally $45 and I got it for only $15!! Of course next to it is my basket full of our perler bead projects:-)

Overall, everything is finally in a spot where we can find it all. I’m not a very organized person but I’m glad to have my sewing spot organized. Do you have to share your crafting area with another room in the house like I do? Or do you get to have a crafting room? Someday I am hoping to have a place where I can have a crafting room:-)

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Improvements? (day 26/30)

Wow, the challenge is almost done already. Today’s an interesting one “Write about an area in your life you’d like to improve”. 

Of course there are things I would like to improve in my life, who wouldn’t? But, I think all the bullshit I put up with in life is what makes me a stronger person, and it’s just how my life is supposed to be.

But, if I did want to actually improve, it would be my physical health, I am overweight but I am actually healthy, I’ve had several test done to check things and they all come back normal, I’ve surprised me doctors it’s crazy. If I could I would love to lose some weight, hell even 50lbs would be nice, yes I’d still be overweight but it would be nice. However, I have PCOS, and that makes it much harder to lose the weight. I am proud of myself tho, I did manage to lose 15lbs when I last went to the docs, but I still would like to lose at least another 50lbs. I know over time I will eventually get to where I am at, right now I’ll slowly lose the weight, because it is such a struggle with the PCOS. I am currently chubby and healthy, so I can just continue enjoying my crazy life:-)

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Wordless Wednesday!!


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District Concert


All the way to the right, 3rd row down, 2nd kid in, wearing a blue plaid is T

All the way to the right, 3rd row down, 2nd kid in, wearing a blue plaid is T

March 15, 2015 our son T participated in his 1st concert, well actually 2nd because last year he was part of a musical play so yeah lol. Anyways, kids from grades K-12 were involved in different parts of the play. Up first was the K-3 group, which of course included T, he was so excited about it. He thought it was pretty awesome going into the high school where mommy had graduated, and got to see mommy’s name under the wall of graduates:-)

Once we got T to his designated spot, myself and D went to the auditorium to try and find a seat, needless to say even showing up early seats were filling quick so we just stood all the way in the back, and boy that was a bad idea. Why? Because the kids weren’t actually on the stage they were on the floor on bleachers, so it was hard to see but we managed to see T.

The K-3 group started coming out and when we seen T, I had all I could do to not cry, I just got emotional because this was something new for him and I was so proud of how hard he worked for this. We could see T looking all over trying to find us, we were waving but apparently he couldn’t see us. Their song began and the kids just did an amazing job! They may have only sung one song, but those kids did awesome! A lot of proud parents that night, including ourselves.

When they were done, we had to immediately meet up and sign T out, he comes running up to us and says “how’d I do?” We told him, he did AWESOME, then he said that he was looking for us, then at the end of their song he finally found us. He just kept going on about how fun it was and kept asking if we liked it, when we LOVED it. We then took him out to dinner for such an awesome job.

He really is a good singer, and if HE wants to keep up with it, we support him 100%, we aren’t like some parents and push stuff like that on our child, we let him decide what he wants to do:-)

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