Temperature blanket 2016–January done!!


That’s right! I completed the whole month of January, I wasn’t sure I’d get thru the month but I did. I have a tendency of forgetting projects, but not this, if I didn’t do a row on some days I would make sure to write down the temp so I could go and get the rows done when I felt like it. January 31st was at a temp of 52, I couldn’t believe it, I can’t wait to see how February is going to look. A friend of mine is making one as well but with a different color chart and another state away. It’s really awesome seeing the difference between the two, she is also making a smaller version with the temps lows, that I can’t wait to see! I’m really excited to see when it gets to be warmer weather here in WNY! 

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Wordless Wednesday!!


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Temperature Blanket 2016

Every year people make a New Year’s resolution and usually about 75% of those people don’t keep their resolution. This year I did not make one, instead I started a crochet project that will literally take me all year long!

Day 14

Day 14

I had seen people posting about this temperature blanket all over Facebook, and it took a friend of mine to post about it to get me really thinking I should give it a try. What is a temperature blanket? Well, you chose a color scheme based on the different temperatures. Every person follows a different chart and some follow the same.

I decided to come up with my own and I am loving the colors so far :-) I guess this idea originally started as a scarf a few years back but now people are turning into blankets and other stuff.

My color chart I came up with!

My color chart I came up with!

I have to say so far the blanket is coming along pretty good! I can’t wait to see what it will look like once it’s warmer weather, right now it’s been in the 20’s with snow. I’ve seen people come up with this concept with sewing, which I think is pretty awesome! But, I’ll stick to crocheting for this.

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Another hobby learned….plastic canvas!

You may ask what is plastic canvas? Well, plastic canvas is a craft material of lightweight plastic with regularly spaced holes in imitation of embroidery canvas. Plastic canvas comes in various colors and the size of the holes varies as well. The sizes are normally 5, 7, 10 & 14 count, what does that mean? It means how many holes there are in an inch.

Some people may think, oh it’s an older person hobby and other stuff. But, it’s rather fun to make and it is for any age and anyone. You can almost make anything you want with plastic canvas. I’ve seen people make toy house, toy trains and other stuff, it’s amazing what you can make. I haven’t ventured into making that kind of stuff, but I have stuck to making like magnets and wreaths. I also made up some mini magnets that was made with 10 count and sold them at RetroGameCon, they were a big hit and I sold a decent amount of them :-)


First wreath I made, it was actually first plastic canvas project I made, I am still amazed at how well it turned out! (this was made with 7 count)

There are a lot of designs you can find online via Google and Pinterest. Also, you can take perler bead designs (which are basically an 8 bit style) and use that to make something with plastic canvas.

I’ve also made a few key chains with plastic canvas, it’s just awesome what all you can do with plastic canvas. I would suggest giving this a try, it’s fairly easy to learn and doesn’t cost much in supplies. I learned by watching videos and reading tutorials I found on Google, so go ahead and give it a try!!!

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2015 in review

This year didn’t have many posts but it was still a great year! I’m hoping to return to blogging more often in 2016 than this year. I hope you all have a wonderful New Year.

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 370 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 6 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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RetroGameCon was AMAZING!

7:30am and waiting for RetroGameCon to start!

7:30am and waiting for RetroGameCon to start!

This past Saturday (November 14, 2015) I had the pleasure of being a vendor at RetroGameCon. I was contacted beginning of June 2105 by the assistant director, and asked if I was interested in being a vendor for their convention. Well after a few months I decided to sign up. It took not even a week and my application was approved and then my fun began! I had so much to get done, and yet I still felt like I didn’t have enough items for the convention, I sold pillows, coasters, lanyards, dice bags & magnets.

I worked on stuff all the way up until Friday morning, Friday afternoon we were leaving for Syracuse (where the event was). I decided to get a hotel for the whole weekend this way I was already in the area since I had to be there so early in the morning on Saturday. We got to the hotel around 4ish, unpacked and relaxed for about 30 mins then I was able to head over to the building where the convention was being held to set up a day early. T thought it was awesome he got to go help mommy and daddy set up their table. Friday night, I didn’t get much sleep because I was so anxious and nervous. We got up at about 5:30 am and got ready to head over to the convention. We got there at like 7am and there wasn’t much people there yet setting up, and VIP was expected at 9am.

During the convention I seen so many different cosplay people and some of them were awesome and of course there were a few that made you think, wtf? lol. We had set up a TV and played classic Super Mario Bros. cartoon and it was awesome seeing kids get into watching it and hearing adults walk by saying they remember the show. I think I sold about half of everything I had brought with me. I wasn’t too worried about selling a lot, to me it was all about experience. The people there were so nice and awesome, I kept getting told by several people they loved my stuff.

Needless to say, I am definitely going to vendor next year for RetroGameCon, I learned that I need to definitely give myself more time to get stuff done, instead of waiting til the last minute to finish stuff lol. Some people gave suggestions to what to add next year, I’m looking into getting a banner for the shop. Also learned to bring something with me to work on, cause being there for 12 hours does take a tole on you when you have nothing to do lol. It was such an amazing time, I may have not gotten to walk around checking out other vendors, but I still had fun, it’s something I will never forget and hope to soon do this once again.

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Happy Halloween!!


Hope you all had a fun/safe Halloween this year! We are all done trick-or-treating and T is in bed just about passed out. He had a great time this year, he even took his favorite bear named Blu with him. Blu had a bag of his own and some people actually gave him candy, I thought it was really nice they did that :-) It really made T’s night when Blu was getting candy as well. 


T & Blu’s matching bags, may look small but they both hold a lot of candy lol

T went as a race car driver this year, after looking at several costumes it’s the one he picked out and was happy with. I then made him a new candy bag, and he asked if I could make one for Blu as well, so he picked out the fabric and I made them matching bags. He freaked out when he seen the bags finished lol.

How was your Halloween this year, did you pass out candy or take children out?

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