Made my own tags!!

When I first opened up my Etsy shop, I had ordered tags from another shop, so I could have a little tag on my items so people knew who made it. That was back in 2013 when I first opened my shop, it used to be called “KreativeSewingbyMumma”, after about a year, I decided I wanted to change my shop name due to it was just too long. So I changed my shops name to what it is now, “KreativeMumma”, same meaning behind it just a bit shorter, and not so much to say. With having changed the shop name, I had to get new business cards and new tags, cards were easy to redo and order new ones with the new name. However, coming up with the new tag, not so easy. Took me a while to figure out exactly how I wanted my tags to look like, and how big I wanted them. After a while of thinking, and to be honest forgot about for a while, I finally came up with a design.

This time for my tags, I made them myself!! My lovely fiance D, bought me these printable fusible fabric sheets. Which means I could just print my images on them, trim them up and iron onto the projects when I needed to. After several adjustments to the tag design, and seeing how many I can fit on a page, I finally was able to get what I was happy with.

the sheet with my tags on it

the sheet with my tags on it

SEE!!!! I was able to get 21 tags onto 1 sheet of the fusible fabric. They measure about 2.5″ x 1.25″ good size to add to any project I make and list in the shop. I used all 3 sheets that came in the package and was able to get 63 tags in total, I think that is pretty good.


Here is a close up of the tag already cut out and ready to be ironed onto a project. I am so happy with how these tags came out, they came out better than I had expected.


These are the sheets I had bought, got them at Jo-Ann for $7.99, and you get three sheets of the fusible fabric. If you are wanting to make your own tags with something like this, PLEASE make sure you do your trial and errors on regular printer paper. Do not print on these until you are fully happy with what you have printed on the regular paper. I only went thru 2 pieces of printer paper for my trials, and I also used both sides since it was just trials.


There are many ways of making your own tags, I have just taken fabric and written my name on it and sewed onto an item. I have also tried another version the Crafty Gemini had done a video for, it worked alright, but my printer didn’t like me. If your looking into making your own tags, I would suggest something like what I have posted above, and/or just look around on Google and see what others have tried. Its all about trial and error when making your own tags. Just have fun with it and don’t get too frustrated, if all else fails, hit up Etsy and order them lol.


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Library fun!

he was happy to make a bag, but not happy about picture being taken lol

he was happy to make a bag, but not happy about picture being taken lol

On February 7, 2015 our public library had “Take your child to the library day”. The event was for 2 hours, and it was to basically inspire families to bring their children to the library. Also the first 50 children got to decorate a tote bag for their books. We got there just a few mins after the event started, after being there for about 10-15 minutes, then a lot of people started showing up with their kids. We thought it was pretty cool, seeing families bring their children to the library, its a good way for them to spend time together. T had a blast as always, he loves going the library, and the librarian knows T real well, because we’ve been taking him there since he was almost 2 years old. Then when he was in headstart for 2 years, they would visit the library once a month.


working on his bag


It was a fun, and all of us had a good time at the library as a family. T loved making his bag, even tho most of the decorations were a big girly, he still had a blast making them. Also as always, T had to do the puzzle they have there, mainly because its a Thomas and Friends puzzle lol. Next week, is mid-winter recess and they are having events again for the kids, and of course T is signed up for them. They are having an I-spy event and a Olympics with marshmallows and stuff. Its going to be fun, and good way to keep him busy while being out of school.

of course puzzle time with daddy too

of course puzzle time with daddy too

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Frayed mini heart pillow!


T and his pillow

I found this really cute tutorial on Pinterest for a no-sew heart pillow. The project only called for a few simple items, and was supposed to be easy to make. Well apparently I didn’t make my heart template the right size so I made it my way.

If you’d like to see the original idea I found click HERE.

I made mine similar to what was on Pinterest except I did sew mine. To make one like mine you will need just a few items.


-felt in color of your choice (I used red & pink)

-heart template from paper


-erasable pen or chalk

-stuffing (craft stuffing, old pillow, whatever you wanna use)

-sewing machine (or can hand sew)



Simply make a heart template out of paper. I took a regular 8 x11 sheet of paper and drew a heart on it.  This is the paper template you will use to cut your heart out, then drew a second heart in the middle of the paper. Now when I did this to follow the original I didn’t leave enough gap so the edges could be tied. Lay the felt pieces on top of each other and trace the heart, both the outer side of the heart and the inner side of the heart.




Next, cut the heart out, if you keep the pieces of felt together, you can cut from both pieces at the same time. You will only cut the outer heart, DO NOT cut the inside heart. Take the heart to your sewing machine, and stitch on the outline of the inner heart, remembering to leave a gap open so you can stuff it. Next, start cutting strips around the outside of the heart, this will give it that frayed look. (picture below shows how it should look after doing all this)


Of course T was busy drawing and he was really concentrating on drawing his train pictures. This project you could do with your child, but T didn’t wanna help, he wanted to draw and watching Stuart Little 2.


Last two steps, simply stuff your heart to as full as you’d like it, then once its fully stuffed, take your heart back to the sewing machine and stitch the heart closed. It may be a bit tricky, but try and push the stuffing to one side of the heart and stitch it shut. Also if you’re hand sewing just do the same thing.


Now you are finished with your mini heart pillow. Took me about 10 minutes to make the pillow, not bad for a quick Valentines project. The pillow could also be used for your child’s favorite stuffed animal. T already said he will being giving Blu (his favorite bear) this pillow to use. Go ahead and give the project a try, would love to see how your’s turned out!! I really wish I was able to do the no-sew pillow but I think my way came out just as good :-)

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First Snow Day!!!

Outside our front door

Outside our front door

So it may not look like a lot of snow but we had our first snow day this school year! The reason why the schools closed is not because of the snow, its because of the coldness, the temps are in the single digits and then a windchill of up to -20F, its crazy cold out today! It was nice getting the phone call this morning saying the schools were closed. Poor T has been sick since Christmas and he is starting to get better, then having to stand out in this nasty cold for a bus on Monday & Tuesday didn’t help his cold. I am hoping our schools superintendent is smart and will close school again tomorrow since it could be even colder in the morning, but who knows. Knowing our school system they won’t, T’s school doesn’t like to close due to weather, this way the teachers can get their money. I remember when I was still school (same schools) and it was colder than today and we still had school, it was already in the negatives and the windchill was crazy, and ton of snow still had school, shows ya how much the school doesn’t like to close.


Well if any of you are getting this nasty weather PLEASE be safe and bundle your little ones up! We are staying indoors and watching cartoons, good way to spend a cold day like today!





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