Hello, Aloha, Hola etc.

Why is it people always think that stay at home moms (sahm’s) is not a full time job? We do more work than an average person does at a work place. We are a nutritionist, doctor, mechanic, linen cleaning, house cleaner and so much more. Yes we may not get paid like a typical job, put we do get paid in hugs and kisses by our child(ren). This is the best rewarding job any women could ask for.


3 thoughts on “Hello, Aloha, Hola etc.

  1. Those who think being a SAHM isn’t a full-time job, are those who’ve never been one & ASSume, like my DH, things like “it takes only 10min to do the laundry”. ROFLMAO LOL

    Sorry, I couldn’t stop laughing at that last one… 10 minutes… laundry… Yeaaahhh. Ok. Can’t wait to fork over laundry duty this weekend, since it’ll only take 10min of his time — so he should be able to find time to get it all done… 😉

    Anyways, I was just stalking, er uhm, looking around for a few SAHM blogs to read/follow, and I just happened upon yours. So uhm.. HI! Hope to see more posts from you soon!


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