Temper Temper >_<

Now that the other half is outta work for the weekend, he really gets to see how our son is. My son is having a major temper today! It all started over him not wanting to eat his breakfast. So my other half goes and tries to force him to eat. Its like hello its not going to work, he is only going to just fight you more.

Then we tried putting him on his potty. Oh boy was that fun…NOT. He fussed and fussed, I now have a headache from all the screaming he did. The funny part is that he finally went pee, but missed the splash guard and pissed all over the floor. So him and daddy had to clean the floor. He is usually pretty good bout going on his potty, but today he is just WHINNY.

Hopefully later he won’t be as whinny and we can do something together as a family. Right now he is too busy playing with his Thomas the Tank Engine. OMG thats a toy you DO NOT take away from him.


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