Mommy Gets a BREAK!!!

So woke up this morning feeling like complete shit! My allergies are kicking in and everything, so I am completely drained. Me and my other half already got into a fight, over something stupid, but I get very pissy when I am sick. So I went up to our room to lay down. Once I woke up felt a lil’ better but not much.

Now my other half, goes “hunnie keep your feet up and relax, I got everything!” Boy was I glad to hear that. I really need  a break. I am lucky to have a man like mine! I love him very much!! Now if our son will stop being a brat today.

So with me taking a break, I get to work on my knitting (which is improving!!!) and just RELAX!!!! Now daddy gets to see how our son is during the week while he is at work. This is going to be interesting. So far not bad, but I can tell our son was starting to get on his nerves, but his reason was due to he was tired. So now son is up napping, and daddy is getting ready to head to store to get some food for tomorrow!!

I think EVERY sahm should get a break from their kid(s), we deserve it every now and then, especially when we are sick!


2 thoughts on “Mommy Gets a BREAK!!!

  1. I’ve been sick the last few days as well, but after doing the yardwork to “sweat it all out” and then taking a nice shower afterwards, I think I’m going to get rid of this flu-sick-yuck feeling, finally! I don’t know about you, but whenever Hubby gives me a break, that’s usually when the kids are at their worst! LOL But hopefully things will go smoothly for your spouse. Get well soon!


  2. Yeah our son has really pushed it today with mommy being sick, but daddy did good lol. I am started to feel a lil better but not, stupid allergies!! Hope you start feeling better too!!!


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