Potty Privacy?!?!

So since my son started walking which was right after his first birthday, he has a thing bout walking in on people who is going to the bathroom. He is now 22 months old and still will walk into the bathroom if someone is in there and the door is closed.

We had people come in to take care of insulation and stuff, the one guy asked to use the bathroom, and I had to literally hold my son until the guy was done, so my son wasn’t walking in on this worker.

Its like seriously??? You can even be in there changing and he will walk in on you.

Nothing worse then trying to go potty and in walks in your son. Its like um….mommy or so in so is going potty can we have some privacy, he tells ya NO. So you have to force him out and hold the door closed with your foot.

See its alright if he walks in on daddy, because you know they have the same equipment so its something he will need to know soon. But with mommy and gigi, he don’t need to walk in while one of us is trying to go potty. Its really bad when trying to wipe and your son is trying to force the door open lol.

But hopefully soon he will stop all this. For the parents who haven’t experienced it yet, just wait, you will. LOL

I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!! (even with all the stuff my son does lol)

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