1st Haircut

So we finally found someone who wouldn’t charge us and arm and a leg for a kids 1st haircut. A guy just down the street did it for only $3, he takes how old the child is and charges and extra dollar, he does it up til I believe the age 8 then normal prices. The guy was really good with my son, and quick about it all too!!

Daddy sat in the chair and held him during the cut. He cried and cried about his hair at times. There was also some points where he was really good about it. His hair was getting too long. Since his hair is thin and baby fine, his hair curls a lot. Mommy cried when the guy started cutting his hair. It means he isn’t a baby anymore.

After the hair cut, they guy said he normally gives the child a certificate for 1st haircut, but at the moment he didn’t have any, so he took our info and is going to send us the certificate. I thought that was really nice of the guy. He even said there is a part on the certificate to place some of the hair. So I have an envelope with some of his hair for his baby book and certificate.

I still can’t believe my baby, well should say my lil’ boy went and got his 1st haircut. He looks even more grown up now. Some people will say “oh it don’t look like he got it cut”, but trust me he did, its not as long as it was.

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