SAHM but still living @ home….

Yes I am a 23 SAHM and I still live at home.

Reason why….with the economy the way it is, it actually helps us out A LOT!! So Me, my boyfriend, and my son live with my mom. We pay rent and we pay for the phone & internet to be on. We also pay for our own cellphones and we buy everything our son needs. My mom just helps out with the food. My mom is so awesome. Many parents wouldn’t let this happen.

We help each other out! Since neither me or my boyfriend have a license we actually saved ourselves money that way too, because my mom is so nice, if we offer her money for gas she will take us to where we need to go. Its mainly two households living together. We all get along with NO problems. We do our thing, she does her thing. We any of us get made at each other well we just go our separate ways for a few hours and then we are fine. LOL

I personally like the way I live. If we were out on our own, we wouldn’t be able to do it. Also, my mother she said she wouldn’t wanna live alone. So we killed two birds with one stone. Some people think its wrong or messed up. But if you see it from my point of view its actually good. Heck, my family and my in-laws think its cool!!



One thought on “SAHM but still living @ home….

  1. Your 100% right. The way things are shouldn’t change, and to be honest, when someone gets into a routine of how life is, you adapt since it’s something never experienced until now (Now being with in the last 4yrs). If we had to change how life was, I would be a little lost lol. I love ya!!!


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