My Niece

I have a niece that is 16 months old, she is my boyfriends brother’s daughter.

My future-in-laws are coming up for a visit next weekend, so we suggested that they bring our niece with them. BF’s mom said well the mom will have to come up if she agrees to it. We told her okay no prob. they can stay here while you guys stay at the hotel.

Just found out today that our niece WILL NOT be coming up with them next weekend. I am so angry and pissed. We have only seen our niece once so far. The mother came up with a million excuses for why she wont come up with our niece. Its bullshit. I swear she hates me for no reason. Hell she told my bf that she found a picture of him and his ex and that they looked so cute together. I got pissed cuz she has never said anything like that about us. Now my bf he HATES his ex, and was very pissed when she told him that.

So now we have to try and save up money for a rental, hotel, gas for the rental to go down to see our niece. Granted they only live 6hrs away but they live in a different state, and its just expensive to go down there. We went down there in Feb. with tax money and it cost over $200 for a hotel for the weekend, $150 for the rental for the whole weekend and thats not including gas too. Its going to be a while before another visit because we live paycheck to paycheck.

If anyone has ever had this issue. I know how you feel. Its complete bullshit.


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