Terrible twos…

My almost 23 month son Trent has been going thru the terrible two’s for the past few months. Its just driving me crazy. He is just pushing buttons with everyone and not listening. I hope soon this will all be over with. On top of everything we are trying to potty-train him and that’s becoming a battle anymore. We ask him to get on his potty and tells us no and then fights with us to keep him on. Then there are times we don’t have a problem with him getting on his potty.

Also I have my future-in-laws coming up next weekend for a visit. I am so afraid of how he is going to be with his other grandparents. I hope and hope he is good. I do not want them to see him showing off his ass. I know its normal but I just don’t need that right now.

Anyone know when the terrible two’s go away except for when they get out of high school LOL….

I love my son with all my heart, but he is just driving me crazy. Maybe its because I haven’t had an actual break from him in a while and he is getting sick of mommy lol. If you think about it if your around your other half too long you get on each others nerves. So maybe that’s what it is…..LOL


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