Bout to go Insane….But didn’t

I woke up this morning and felt sick to my stomach. Well that means I have a flu bug or got the 9month flu bug lol.

My son is today of all days pushing all my buttons. I was just about ready to explode. I can’t handle being sick and trying to take care of a almost 2yr old that has not listened to me for the past few days.

Also with all this shit going on, I have the stress of the future-in-laws coming up next weekend. My 4 year anniversary is this Saturday, but gee won’t be able to do anything due to no money. Also have so much shit I would love to say to some people and can’t because I get told to be quiet just to keep the peace.

Its like seriously?? With all this going on and being sick and taking care of a child who won’t listen, it will drive anyone crazy!! But good thing is my mom took my son so I could get a little break. I am so glad she decided to take him, he was just getting way out of hand.

So now I get to sit here and try to relax….hmmm what to do??


One thought on “Bout to go Insane….But didn’t

  1. Well I know things are getting super stressful, but I can promiss that things will get better. I just wish I knew when. Believe me, I feel like you sometimes. I wanna say so much, but I get told to hold off, so I do, even though it hurts to bite my tongue. I love ya hunnie, keep ur chin up and we’ll get through it!


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