Wow 4 Years Already!!!

Today is me and my fiance’s 4 year anniversary!! I can’t believe its been 4 years already. He is my everything and means the world to me, I would be completely lost without him.

When I first met him I knew he was the one I wanted to have kids with, get married and just grow old with!!! We met online (myspace lol), I still remember his face when I went down to pick him up. His face was priceless, he was in shocked, he didn’t believe me that I was coming down to pick him up. When he gave me a hug for the first time, I definitely knew he was the one, I got butterflies from just hugging him.

Today I am still glad I went down and picked him up. Today we now have our cat (which is like a son to us) who is 3 years old, and we have our beautiful little boy who will be 2 in July!! Hopefully someday soon we will be able to expand our family more, but that’s all up to the good Lord above. If I didn’t have this amazing wonderful guy in my life I wouldn’t have any of these. He is just truely amazing, and I am thankful everyday we met and are together!!

He is different then anyone I swear, he is just himself and I love him for that. Not many guys are just themselves they try to be something they are not.

He is a gamer, a lover, a father, a friend, MY best friend and forever the love of my life.

We may have our ups and downs, but what relationship don’t?? Seriously?? I think the ups and downs in our relationship has made us stronger! We have a song together called “We’re in this Together” by Nine Inch Nails, he made me listen to the song and listen close to the lyrics and the song is definitely explains us.

I love you to infinity & beyond, forever & always!! I am lucky to have such an amazing guy like you in my life!!


2 thoughts on “Wow 4 Years Already!!!

  1. Awwwww!!!! I Still get butterflies when I am even just thinking about you. I love you soooo much and would be completely lost with out you!!!


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