Been a while….

Haven’t posted nothing in like 6 days and sorry about that LOL. Last week was just crazy around here. Was busy trying to get the house all nice and clean. My future-in-laws came up for a visit. They brought up our niece too!

We were excited about that. The weekend was alright, but it also was bad at the same time lol. Our niece is like 16months old and she is very spoiled and can tell she was held A LOT when she was younger, cause now she think she has to constantly be held, and she knows if she cries she will be picked up and get her way.

We decided on Sat. to take them all to the Zoo, so glad we decided to split up and just meet back up at the entrance when done.

So glad that this weekend is over and they are back home. The in-laws want to come back up in mid-October, just this time JUST them. We told them no prob.

All in all, I am now trying to recover from this weekend lol. We all need it.


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