Toy Cars…

So my son just turned 23 months old yesterday, and he has a ton of toy cars. Its funny how he reacts when someone gives him a new car. My mom’s ex is an adopted grandpa to my son because he will never have grandkids, so we made him an honorary grandpa!! Well he went and gave my son and new car and my son just started freaking out, it was so cute. The grandpa got a kick out of him, he said couldn’t believe how he was freaking out over it.

Its just so cute watching him sit on the floor and play with all his cars. He has a lot of emergency vehicles mainly because we have/had firefighters in both sides of mommy & daddy’s family! He also has many other types, ones with Disney characters, Toy Story 3 characters and many more.

We all rather spend money on toys like this that he actually plays with then other stuff that he would only play with a few times and be done with.

Even mommy, daddy & grandma goes and plays cars with him at times, if he lets us lol. Its just a lot of fun!!

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