Maybe Camping 1st time w/toddler…

So maybe this weekend we will be going camping, but this will be the 1st time with a toddler. I personally love to camp, bf loves it too but doesn’t like making decisions at the last minute, I think that’s what makes it funner!

Yeah we will be camping with other family, but either way we are going to have the bad/good moments due to my family can be very bitchy. I think we need to all just put our differences aside and try and have a great time.

I think my son is going to have fun, because where we are going camping is at my uncle’s big piece of property made for camping and stuff and he now has a lot of things up there for kids. My son will be able to run around and have fun since he really can’t do much of that here at home.

I am really hoping to be able to go, I think it will do us good to get out of our house and our town. It’s something that we all really need.


One thought on “Maybe Camping 1st time w/toddler…

  1. I think this weekend will work out. I still am not too thrilled about the whole “last second” thing, but it’s something I have come to understand, and go with in the last 4yrs. My only hope is that this weekend is not full of snubbery, dirty looks, BS, I can’s say drunkeness because that sadly won’t go away. Here is to the weekend…time to sit tight, hold on and prepare for fun, and chaos lol.


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