1st Time Camping w/ Toddler

Me and my boyfriend have camped before but this past weekend was the 1st time we camped with a toddler. It was interesting to say the least. Me, bf, son and mom went up to my uncle’s property and went camping fri-sun.

Son had a blast running around getting into stuff. My uncle had a area that used to be a fire pit so it was just now dirt and my son thought it was funny to go and play in the dirt and ash. He was having fun so we just let him go, there was no stopping him.

There was also a lot of BS up there too. I had told my uncle I didn’t want anyone drinking while my son was around and of course no one F***ing listened. It wasn’t really that fun up there. Thought it was going to be better then it was, but hey that’s what happens when people have got to drink. All I am saying is I did A LOT of complaining while I was there. Between Sat and Sun there was a lot of BS that went on. I swear up and down I will never camp back out there again. Only go up for the visit.

Son got to have his 1st sparkler this year. When it was lighted he was into it at first but then a few sec later attn. was gone was more interested at watching the smoke go in the air and then decided to just run around. So mommy got to play with the sparkler lol. When it came to the fireworks my uncle did, my son was kind of scared. Reason why is an A**hole my one cousin is engaged to decided to let off fire crackers like 2ft away from my son and scared him really damn bad. All he had to say is I didn’t see him there. REALLY??!?! When the fireworks started my son just sat in his stroller and was trying to cover his eyes and ears. I am hoping next year it will be better with the fireworks.

I loved camping with my family, but next time when we go camping it will be at a state park or something. There really wasn’t much for my son to do there and really wasn’t much for anyone. I will def go camping again with my son but never again at my uncle’s property.

Good thing is I got a very nice tan, but its kinda sunburn right now and I look like a lobster. But will be a very beautiful tan in a few days. I will probably still have the tan during the winter too. I love having Native American in my blood.

Hope everyone else has/had a great 4th of July weekend!!!

2 thoughts on “1st Time Camping w/ Toddler

  1. Awe, I’m sure your little man had more fun than you know! I can’t wait to start doing those things with my bug!
    People don’t realize when you have a little one that you don’t want them exposed to certain things yet. For my sons first birthday party I of course invited my boyfriends family and I heard him tell his father we were not serving alcohol. It’s a babys birthday party!! His family showed up with coolers, yes plural, of beer and sat outside very antisocially drinking the entire time!! I actually had several people call me later to ask who ‘those people’ were. I didn’t say anything to my boyfriend about it, but guess who won’t be invited to the next party.


    • Yeah I am sure he did! Its just that some family have no respect for little kids.

      Sorry to hear about your son’s 1st birthday, that is just wrong. People need to respect you guys. Its like c’mon its a kids birthday you cant wait just a few hours til your back home to have some drinks?!?! I don’t blame you for not inviting them to the next one. With my son’s 1st birthday it was dry of course and thankfully everyone held to it, even my grandfather who is a major alcoholic and it was at my grandparents house to begin with.

      You will enjoy camping with your lil bug. Its so much fun, I know we would of had more fun if there was more to do. We are thinking of going camping again soon but to our local state park, and there is a lot for kids to do there!


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