Final Shuttle Atlantis

We got to witness on television the final space shuttle liftoff of Atlantis. It was very cool and nice to see. Can’t believe after all these years they are ending it. They had said when the space program first started that it wasn’t supposed to last as long as it has.

My son who will 2yrs old in 20days thought it was cool. When they did blast off he took his arms and put them in the air and said weeeee. It was so cute. I did a little video so I can show him when he gets older that he can see and I can tell him that he got to witness history (again).

My son as already witness history. When he was born it was the same year we got the very first black president. Which I believe is awesome! So that’s why I had voted for him.

Its just really cool watching the space shuttle take off. I couldn’t believe it when they said in 8 minutes they would be actually in space. I am just glad me and my son and my mother got to witness history. Its something I will never forget!!!


2 thoughts on “Final Shuttle Atlantis

  1. Living here in Florida we’ve grown up watching the shuttle take off. Even though it’s on the east coast, you can still see it here on the west coast. And when it would make it’s landings in FL you could hear the sonic boom. And it’s crazy loud! I hope your lil guy loved it!!! When he gets older you have to take him to Kennedy Space Center! It’s amazing!


    • Wow that’s awesome! My great grandparents (r.i.p) used to live in Florida and they remembered when the one space ship blew up in air. They lived an hour away and you could still hear the boom. It would be cool to take him to the Space Center but that will be years from now lol. He loved watching it and I am so thankful he did. I actually got teary eyed watching it.


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