Day 05: Song that reminds you of someone

I originally was going to do a song for my fiance but I decided to do one about my father….

I chose “Highway to Hell” because it reminds me of my father. He doesn’t care about anyone but himself and his whores. It has always been that way. My father have hurt me, my brother and my mother emotionally, physically & verbally. He is always thinking with the “wrong head” and not giving a shit. Always making sure he has his damn beer too. The only good that came out of him was he getting my mother pregnant for me and my brother. That’s all he is good for. Hell I had a half sister but he gave up all rights of her. Hell there might be even more out there that he don’t even know about. This is def my father, and he will be heading there when he passes with all the fucking evil he has done in his life. Maybe someday he will wake up and realize how bad he fucked up our lives, but by then it will be too late…


2 thoughts on “Day 05: Song that reminds you of someone

  1. Wow, your point of view called out to me. My son’s bio-dad is a turd; he sucked at being a husband, a role model, and a father, but he was really good at conning/charming people into believing his lies until there’s been one too many broken. Although my spouse & I have a rugrat together & my kids do not refer to each other as “half-siblings,” my son’s dad impregnated some chic who now left him & his idiocy, and so now my son’s got a half-sibling out there that he’s seen from time to time. Your post really got me thinking as to how many other half-siblings my son might have from his dad’s actions (or how many more may be out there that we don’t know about). Because of the fact that there are different (and possibly many more) moms involved, my son feels like he’s getting lost in the crowd, so to speak. Not that he was getting much fatherly attention from bio-dad to begin with, but you definitely nailed what my son must be going through… Thanks for the eye opener.


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