Heat + Teething = Not Good!

So yesterday was a very bad day. I got woke up to “hunny our son needs a bath he shit him self and its everywhere”. One hell of a way to wake up! So got up and my son had shit basically soup and it was coming out the diaper onto the carpet in his room. So thankfully daddy helped clean it up for me while on his lunch break while I gave our son a bath.

After the bath got a pull-up on and guess what….about 20 mins later his bum exploded again. It sucked because the pull-up was dry except the poop lol. So go to change him and ended up getting shit all over the changing table >_< its like “c’mon REALLY?!?!” Finally get him changed and everything cleaned up.

This time about 30-45mins later it explodes again…..

This time I waited just a few mins to see if he would go again and guess what…he went again. So thankfully my ma got back just in time and I made her change it cause I was starting to get sick to my tum from smelling his ass. Its as bad as his fathers lol. So goes to change him and gets shit all over the changing table and the wipes container. Ugh it was a long day and it hadn’t been that long to begin with.

Finally, after giving him lots of pedialyte, pbj sandwich, it finally stopped. Just now he was being a pisser, constantly pissing his pull-up. So finally instead of wasting all the pull-ups and taking a chance I let him run in his bday suit and he would go on his potty when he was ready. Thankfully he didn’t have his bum explode lol.

All this was caused from it being so damn hot in the house even with the A/C running and he has back teeth coming in. I believe his his 2nd year molars. He was this bad when his 1st year molars came in. I hope soon they come in, because I can’t handle the crankyness, and I hate seeing my son in pain.


2 thoughts on “Heat + Teething = Not Good!

  1. Teething is the worst! My baby is miserable when he’s teething! He gets incredibly cranky and we’ve tried everything, nothing seems to work. It’s at it’s worse at night. I’ve tried freezing wet wash cloths and letting him chew on them. Teething rings. Rubbery toys. His doctor doesn’t want us using Orajel but the only thing that gives him any relief is Night Time Orajel. It’s so hard to see them in pain. I hope he gets to feeling better soon!


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