Its getting to where I only care about my mother, fiance, my son & my cat (& bro when he isn’t pissed off at me). Everyone is just being plain fucking assholes. Its like I say one thing and I am actually joking about it and they go and fucking take it the wrong fucking way. Fuck em all.

I am so sick and tired of this fucking family I have. I am the type that says whats on their mind. It usually just gets me in trouble. My family is the type that if they have a problem with someone they are too chicken shit to go to that person, they rather go to someone else and complain to them instead. I’m sorry but I believe if you have a problem with one person you go to that person and bitch at them for whatever you need to.

Hell already I have over half my family that don’t want nothing to do with me because I tell it like it is. I hate having to try and be someone I  am not. I always have to try and be nice and pretend that I am interested in something. I am sorry but its getting fucking old. Really people?!?!

People think I have life so fucking easy. Well guess what I DON’T!! I live at home because its actually cheaper for us. We live paycheck to paycheck. There have been times where I literally have to dig up change to be able to buy a package of diapers when my son was younger. But I make sure my bills are paid, and my son is always fed and clothed.

I just hate the family members that I have that collect SSI or SSD for stupid ass reasons. They think they have life so fucking bad but they have over$1500/month coming in and they still can’t afford their bills?? Really?!?! I wish I had that kind of fucking income coming in.

Its getting to where my family hates it when I come around, and personally I don’t give a fuck anymore. Who the hell needs them?! I’ve gotten this far without some of those family members why do I need to care now?

I have a father who is basically just a fucking sperm donor. He has never done any good for us kids. When we were younger and had visitations we would get physical & emotional abuse. But hey according to the court system it was okay! WTF?! But oh well I have become a better person without him in my life. I have my wonderful mother to thank for that. She has always been there for me and I would be completely lost without my mom! My brother has always been there for me too. I love him no matter what but anymore its getting to where he don’t even like to be around me too. I am sorry I am nothing like the rest of the family that he gets along with. I will never be that way. I love you bro and I will always be your sister and I am sorry if I am not the perfect sister you always wanted, but I will always be here no matter what.

I am sorry bout this rant but I am so sick and tired of my family treating me this way. I am sorry they can’t handle the damn truth and get on with life. I am me, my own personal self and I will never change for anyone.


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