Baby Powder

So my son last night was being a goof. He got ahold of his baby powder and was going around with it and sniffing it.

Thankfully it was close and he doesn’t know how to open it (yet). He took a plastic egg and was pretending to put powder in it and then started sniffing the egg. Its like he knows eggs stick at times lol. He went on for almost an hour doing this. It was just too funny to watch. Good thing was it was keeping him out of trouble.

He then was pretending to use it as seasoning. He has a little kitchen and was pretending to season food. Then he would run to the dining room then back to the living room to his kitchen to season more food lol.

I just love watching him play. He does some of the most interesting things to keep himself busy at times. I love how creative he can be for only going on 2!

(btw he will be 2 on July 28th!!!)


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