DVD Player

So last night, my son, me and my fiance camped out downstairs because it was too hot and the A/C is in the living room. My mom however stayed in her room, don’t know how since it was hot.

But anyways, we are just now sitting here watching a movie and my son found his Thomas & Friends DVD. Its the Best of Percy. He brings it over to me and I told him no.

So he starts walking around and the next thing I know, the movie isn’t playing. My son opened up the DVD player took out the movie brought it to me and then put in his Thomas DVD?!?! I couldn’t believe it. Daddy tho had to help just little bit, cause he didn’t quite have the DVD in all the way. So now we are watching Thomas & Friends.

My son isn’t 2 yet and already taking and putting in his own movies. Kid is too smart for his age lol. I love him with all my heart tho!!!

I just happened to look over at him and shake my head cause part of me still can’t believe it and he just looks at me and smiles. I can’t help but smile, he has an amazing smile to light up anyone’s day/life!


2 thoughts on “DVD Player

  1. Kids are such tech-geeks nowadays! Look at your li’l one, hardly 2yrs old and already knows how to use the DVD player. LOL *Trying to recall if DVDs existed when I was a kid. The Atari did!* 😉


    • I know I couldn’t believe it when I saw him. I remember when I was a kid having a tape player and having a Sega and Nintendo! To this day I still have them and when my son gets older going to teach him how to play them. I wanna one day own an Atari I have a lot of games for it!


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