Play Date

Today my son had a play date. A friend of mine and her son came out and the boys got along really great. This is actually the 1st time the boys have met and played together. I remember when my friend had him, that was the last time I had seen him. Now that he is over 1yr old, I can’t believe how big he has gotten.

When they got here we already had the backyard all set up and the pool set up too. My son of course was already playing in the pool. He even was trying to go into it when he still had his clothes on. The kid loves being in water.

When my son seen the boy, he went right up to him and was showing him his toys. I thought WOW, why can’t some people be like little kids and be this nice. I thought it was cute and precious. My son has this little trike and it has a handle so where the child can sit on it and the parent can push them around. The boys were both trying to get on it. At one point my son was on the seat and my friends son was standing on the little bucket in the back. It was just so damn cute.

My friends son had a blast playing in the pool, but of course my son was being a booger and didn’t wanna get back in the pool too busy playing with the water table and other stuff. Then they started both playing in the water table with the matchbox cars. I went and showed them how to take the cars and have them go down the slide. Well they thought that was the coolest thing. Of course they both slide down the slide too. But they were also having fun watching the cars go down the slide.

Its amazing how the simplest things amazes a child. Like pushing cars down the slide. Also playing with a plastic shovel and stuff in the pool picking up water and stuff. Also splashing a soccer ball in the pool.

On a side note: my son was in his swim trunks and instead of letting mommy know he had to go pee he decided to pee in his shorts and let his trickle down his legs….TWICE.

After a while decided to head inside. Luckly neither one of the kids threw a fit with having to go inside. I am surprised because usually my son throws a fit when he has to head inside.

My son had to go and be a dork and start pulling his books off his bookshelf >_<. Its like any other time okay, but not now lol. The boys started playing with the kitchen set we have and a little check out area we have. My friends son went and tried eating a fake piece of chicken. It was so cute the look he gave, I told him “sorry bud, its plastic food, so its going to taste yucky” LOL. Then they had a snack and drink together. It was funny my son was being a goof and got himself stuck, but finally got himself unstuck from under a chair.

There was just so much the two boys did to explain it all. I just had a blast watching the two boys interact with each other. I am so glad I have a son who just gets along well with other kids. Of course there is going to be a little of hey that’s mine, but that’s typical. He was still good about sharing all his toys, especially his Thomas’s, and he loves his Thomas. All in all we had a great day, and I am so glad my son got to hang out with our friend’s son. I could tell both the boys had a blast.

After my friend and her son left, it was about 20mins later and my son climbed up in daddy’s chair with him and they both passed out. I couldn’t help but get a photo. They both had a hard day at play, even tho my son did the playing lolz.


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