Slide Painting

This was a lot of fun to do with my almost 2 year old son! It was cool all the different patterns we got from the different types of matchbox cars we used. Only problem was my son lost interest after a few mins but that’s typical. I know I actually had a lot of fun with it! So its actually fun for both the child and parent(s)


–>paper of you choice

–>paint (either one color or multi-color)


–>matchbox cars or little trucks

–>slide, or cardboard elevated in a slant way

Fun Begins:

–>tape on your piece of paper to the slide or the cardboard. This sometimes can be a little tricky. I used a big piece of paper and was a little tricky but finally got it.

–>put some paint on the paper

–>start pushing cars/trucks down the slide

See very simple and lots of fun to do!! Below are some pictures me and my fiance were able to get while our son was playing!

Sorry there are so many photos, but like I said we had a lot of fun, the one picture my son decided to put his arm right into the paint lol! Thankfully its Crayola and its washable!!


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