Bath Issues

So ever since we gave our son his 1st bath we have never had a problem with him. He would always be good about it, and he actually loved getting into the sink or into the bath to get cleaned up and play.

There was also times when we would go to do dishes in the sink and he thought we were doing up water for him. So he would try undressing himself and try climbing up to the sink. Thankfully he didn’t get to the sink tho lol.

But for the past few days he has fought us about getting a bath. Yesterday tried giving him a bath in the sink because in a few hours we were going to be having his birthday party. He literally fought with us the whole way. We had to stand him up and hold him there and quickly wash him down. Now today when we got up found out that my son had puked over his bed and floor. So of course gotta have a bath. But he had different thoughts. We got the bath filled up, toys put in and got out his bath crayons that he loves. That still didn’t work out. Usually when we get out the crayons he gets right in and have a hard time getting him out of the tub. This time he didn’t want nothing to do with the bath tub.

Finally, I asked my mom to come help me out with giving him a bath. She finally got him to stand still long enough to get him quickly cleaned up. I really wish I knew what is going on. Have had no problems with him getting a bath until yesterday. Its like “what since you turned 2 you don’t like baths?” Oye I just don’t know what to do. He can’t go around smelling I am not that type of parent. If I go out into public he has to smell clean.


2 thoughts on “Bath Issues

  1. My daughter did the same a couple of months ago, it was just a little phase that lasted maybe a week or two. Then she went back to loving baths. I think it’s just a toddler thing, sometimes they seem to randomly decide they don’t like things that they liked yesterday! LOL


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