Metallica Shirt turned into a Bag!

So I have been wanting to make a bag, but couldn’t figure what I was going to make it out of. So my fiance said that I could use one of his old shirts. I told him I didn’t feel right doing it because it was a METALLICA t-shirt!! He goes well if it don’t fit you can have it. Well the 1st I chose still fitted, so the other one we looked at it and he said it def was not going to fit. So he gave me a Metallica shirt to cut up and make a bag. Ain’t he so sweet??? Since he loves Metallica!

It took me a little bit longer then I had expected. But I had a few mistakes and a lot of things I was having issues with. But finally got it finished!! It looks just amazing how it came out.

Things Need

1. T-shirt of some sort

2. Fabric of choice for the inside of bag(optional)

3. Sewing machine or if you hand-sew, then a needle and thread

4. Straight pins ( I didn’t have any so another reason why took me longer)

5. Scissors

6. Some sort of writing utensil you can use on fabric and will be able to wash off

7. A lot of patience

8. Computer near by in case need better instructions or ideas on making a bag.

Making the Bag

1. I cut the shirt in half, so the front and the back was separate.

2. Take something you will be able to right on the fabric with and able to wash off. I used a silver sharpy, since I didn’t have anything else. Cut out the size of the shirt you want to use. I did a square around both patterns. I am not the best at making squares but finally got it right.

3. Once you have the outlines done on both pieces, go and cut them out. With me using the sharpy I had to cut just right so the silver part wasn’t going to show up on the bag. But still ended up with some silver.

4. I don’t have a photo for this step, but I cut out pieces of fabric for along the sides and the bottom, so this way the bag could hold more.

—->At this point you may have to go online and look up due to I forgot to take pictures of the next following steps. Sorry bout that. It was late when I started on this bag.

5. Now take the side pieces and the bottom pieces and sew them to one of the squares. then take the other square and sew the onto the rest of the pieces you have already sewn. Make sure you do this so when your finished its inside out, then after all sewing you should be able to turn it inside right and will have you bag.

6. Now I did an inside and its white, if you choose to do this, just follow the same steps as mentioned above.

Now once you have your bag done & if you choose your inside piece done, you should have 1-2 pieces that look like a bag. Now you have to make your handle(s)

7. I chose to do 1 handle, that went from one side to side. If you want can do 2 handles one on front and back. Handles are easy just take fabric of your choice cut to the size you want. I took a piece of black was kinda wide, and then a piece of white, and laid the white on black and over lapped the black onto the white, this way the strap was sturdier and sewed it together.

8. This part is tricky, take the piece of bag that has design on it, turn it inside out, then if you have separate for inside take and have that inside right. Now put the patterned bag inside of the part that you have used for the inside and then carefully put the straps inbetween the layers and sew all along the edge of the bag.

—>I am sorry that step 8 is confusing, if I really confused anyone, just go onto google and search up things about this and people have photos and better descriptions of how to do this step. Now step 8 was only if your having a inside different then the outside of the bag.

9. Once finished turn bag inside right and there ya go.


Like I had mentioned this bag took a little bit longer then expected, due to I started it late at night and kinda didn’t have a plan on how I was making this and didn’t know how to do some things for it lol. But I love how the bag came out.

Was cute this morning I got up away from the sewing machine for a few mins and my son left me something.

My son thought that mommy needed company, so he left me 3 of his trains to keep me company lol. I love my son, he can make anyone smile!!

So I need a guinea pig to put on the bag so I can take a pic of it in use. Well my fiance was so nice to do it for me!

He is such a great model LOL.

So now I have an awesome bag, that I now use as a purse and diaper bag lol. this thing has A LOT of room in it!! Can’t wait to make another bag out of a shirt!!! Also this bag was made out of stuff I already had around the house. Instead of a shirt going to the garbage cause parts had holes cut and make a awesome bag!

If anyone tries to make a bag using my instructions…GOOD LUCK! I don’t mean it in a bad way. Its just that it can be very confusing to try and understand, that is why I mentioned, to head over to google and look up ways of different things.












2 thoughts on “Metallica Shirt turned into a Bag!

  1. I think it’s awesome that your man models for ya, a bag at that! I can’t even take a pic of my Hubby doing something meaningful (with kids, etc) unless I want him to rip me a new one… Sheesh.


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