Day 30: Your favorite song this time last year

Wow, I can’t believe I am on day 30 already. It seemed like it kinda took long and kind of didn’t. I know I am weird, but hey everyone has to be every now and then. Well at this time last year my favorite song was “Seek and Destroy” by Metallica! Its just an awesome song!! Not to mention on November 10th 2009 I believe was the date me & my fiance went and seen them in concert. Best part was only cost like $5 for two tickets. You may ask “how is this possible”? Well me and my mother had to take my son into the city to see a specialist to see a doctor and on our way home we stopped at a store and my favorite local radio station was there, and if you donated candy to the boys and girls club you got to enter your name in for Metallica tickets. Well my mom thought it would be cool to put my fiance’s name in. Well few days later we got the call and he was on radio being told he won 2 tickets to the concert! It was awesome because he absolutely loves Metallica and always wanted to see them LIVE!!!

See I think the people heard me saying that my fiance would love to win because he is such a major fan LOL. Well anyways ENJOY!!!


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