Mama once again….

So when T (my son) was first starting to talk of course his first word was “dada”. I was a little upset, but I’ve been told many of times that’s usually the first a child can say due to its easier to say for them. Well I finally got over it LOL. So he used to go all the time saying “dada” or “da”.  See my fiance where he used to work, it was a bad schedule, he worked from 12pm-9pm. So during that time he would miss so much in T’s life. Well thankfully after a while he got into another job so he worked better hours. Anyways, with daddy working those crazy hours, I always encouraged T to say dada, cause I knew it made my fiance feel so much better, with missing out so much during the day cause of working.

Well now from about 16-18months old til just this week, my son always called me “dada”. I would always tell him I wasn’t daddy that I am momma, I don’t have the same equipment as daddy. He would just look at me smile and run away from me lol. He thought it was funny. We would point out a picture of daddy ask T and he would say “dada”, point out a picture of mommy and T would say “dada”. I was actually starting to get upset about it. I was feeling that I had done something wrong to make my son not call me mommy or mama. I started thinking that he was never going to call me mama.

Guess what….early this week my son out of the blue called me “MAMA”!!! I started to get teary-eyed. I was so happy when he said it, cause when he said it he ran up to me and gave me a hug. I was so excited when I heard him say it. Yes he used to say it a little bit when he was younger but it wasn’t much. Then I got to thinking, that this was just a fluke and one time deal. NOT! Kept asking him who I was, and got “mama” and asked who he was (meaning daddy) and got “dada”, this made me even happier, then we pointed to gigi and asked who that was and said “Gigi”. Now he is still calling me mama instead of dada. I am just so happy, and every now and then I still get a little teary-eyed when I hear him say it. It makes me proud to be his mommy.

So now I am mama once again!! No longer called dada lol.

I absolutely love my son!!!!


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