Explore & More Children’s Museum

So last night my fiance said he wanted to do something tomorrow. So I went online and looked up places to go with a 2 year old. Well there was a lot of good places but kinda expensive. I finally found this place called Explore & More. It was very cheap and looked very interesting.

So today we all drove out to where the place was. Of course the directions we got online was a little different, thankfully they had signs up showing where the place was. Now this place is in a big building and has other things inside of it. So the parking is kind of a pain to find. But at last we found a spot. Once we got into the building following all the signs to where this place was, we finally made it!

The first thing T did was run right to a wooden train they had that kids could play in, I kind of seen that coming, since the kid loves Thomas & Friends. For me, my fiance, T, & my mother it cost us NOTHING! You may ask why/how is this possible? Well since we receive WiC for T, we all got in free. I thought it was pretty cool, and the admission is $5 for everyone unless a child is under 1 year old.

Now this place is one big area, with so many different things for children to do. My son started running all over the place and at times was screaming loudly while playing, my fiance kept telling him to hush lol, but its like the workers are used to it. I couldn’t believe all the stuff they had there for the kids to do.

They have little areas for different nationalities/places, the had a construction site meaning had a place where kids could build stuff, but of course it was to build and take down. They also had an electric area, it had the round tube x-mas lights that when you flipped some switches it would turn on, they also had this little dryer and would push a button and would run. Had a fruit & veggie area, where you could pretend to garden and open up a stand to sell food. They also had a little area off to the side for where people could go eat and drink also had a area for kids to do drawings and stuff but had to be accompanied by and adult. There was just way too much stuff to explain.

There was this one section that had a few hills that you could roll a ball down, and watch it go up and down the hills. My son absolutely loved this thing, I think that’s the place he spent the most time at. Then at the time when we were going to be leaving soon, he found another area, where he could push a button and make another noise. LUCKY ME?!?!

Overall we all had a great time there. We also went to the Fisher-Price store they have there that’s next to the world headquarters, well we think its world since they had the American flag, Germany flag, and Great Britain flag. The store was just awesome, and of course they had a lot of Thomas & Friends toys, so my son went crazy over them. That boy is spoiled mommy & daddy bought him more Thomas stuff!

I read the reviews for this place and some people complained about it. Its like how can you complain, this place is awesome!! We all had a blast, yes its one big area, but there is so much to do there. So to those who live in WNY go check it out, it was an hour drive from where I live and def worth the drive.

Here is the link to check out the place:


Also here is some photo’s that was taken while we were there:


3 thoughts on “Explore & More Children’s Museum

    • Yeah it was a lot of fun they said kids up to 11 or 12 years old even have fun here. I hope you are able to find a place near you! Thanks my son is pretty adorable and he knows it since he’s a ladies man with any age women/girls


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