Making my 1st blanket!

So for about 2-3 weeks I have been wanting to make a quilt/blanket. Well I went online to look up some ideas and came up with the perfect one. I decided on making a Mario blanket!! I looked and looked for a pattern, finally I found someone who had a pattern. All I did was change it up a little, as for I didn’t like the colors the person had chosen. The hardest part was finding fabric at a decent price. I went to my local Wal-Mart, but they didn’t have ANY. Went to Jo-Ann’s and they wanted an arm and a leg for a yard of fabric. Finally went we took my son to the museum, we stopped at a Wal-Mart on our way home. This one is a really big Super Wal-Mart, and guess what…they had the fabric I wanted!! I spent $24 on 8yards of fabric. I didn’t think that was a bad price.

Well Thursday night I put my pattern together on paper, I used 1×1 squares for the pattern on paper. The actual squares will be 4×4.

When I was putting my pattern together, I accidently colored the overall red at first, thankfully I was able to erase it and re-color it blue. Hence the reason why they kind of look purple. But hey I know what color they are supposed to be. The yellow is really nice, it will give it a look to where the buttons look like they are shinning!


Friday, I was getting all my materials together so I could start cutting and realized I forgot one color. I forgot to get fabric for the color of Mario’s face. Thankfully my fiance went up to our local fabric store and they didn’t charge him an outrages price for a yard of fabric. Once I had the fabric I began my projects. The longest part was cutting out the light blue, there was just sooo many squares. I originally started when my son went up for his nap, then I tried to work a little bit after he was awake but that wasn’t easy, so I decided to take a break. After awhile my son went to bed, I decided I am getting all the squares cut out, and I don’t care how long it takes, going to be done then I will head to bed. Finally after a few hours all together I got all the squares cut out. A total of 272 squares that each measure 4x4in.


I am so excited about putting this together now! Can’t wait to have it finished and cuddle up with my love in this super awesome geek blanket!


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