The Stairs?!?!

T got his own room the beginning of December last year, why he didn’t have one sooner is because of where we live we didn’t actually have room. So once my bro moved out, we turned his room into T’s room. I have to say it looks better as T’s room then my brothers, since he wasn’t the type to have a clean room LOL I love ya bro!

So ever since he has been in his own room, we have always just put a gate up when he went to bed, as for he didn’t like the door being closed. We have had no problem with him messing with the gate…until today! Normally if he wakes up before mommy or daddy, he usually just plays with his toys until one of us gets up. Today, we were just laying in bed, cause we thought we heard T playing in his room. Well a few minutes later I hear his gate. Of course I just thought he was playing around near the gate and was throwing toys against it, like he does sometimes. Finally I get up and head to the bathroom, and I look into T’s room, there is the gate laying on the floor and my son NO WHERES. I head to the stairs and called for T, he comes to the bottom of the stairs and looks up at me and smiles. I called him a little stinker, and he just smiled more.

He knows he is only supposed to go down the stairs or even up if he as an adult with him. But of course not today. The only reason we try to have an adult with him is because he climbs down the stairs backwards and he has had a few scares. Well I guess mommy & daddy needs to start getting up before him so we can watch him going down the stairs. I still can’t believe my lil man went down the stairs while we were still in bed.

It was kinda funny I started heading down the stairs, and I hear him going thru the DVD binder, next thing I know he is pointing to a Scooby-Doo DVD. So now we are watching Scooby-Doo, I think he just came downstairs to get a movie LOL.

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