Mario is….FINISHED!!

So as of earlier tonight my Mario quilt got finished!

I went up to our local fabric store to get some fabric for the backing. The lady working was an older lady, she took my blanket to measure it so we knew how much fabric I needed. As she was measuring it, she said that I did a great job on it. I was so happy to hear that from someone I didn’t even know. I told her that it was my first time making a quilt, she couldn’t believe it. I got a really nice red fabric, it has a pattern on it but its small pattern so it still looks awesome! Also when I went to get the fabric for the back, the place is going out of business and so I got 25% off everything I bought. I am a little bummed they are going out of business but things like that happen.

It was cute, I laid out the fabric and had to cut and sew it a different way so it would be big enough, and just after I cut it my son decided to sit on the fabric and play with his trains. I couldn’t help but giggle and let him play for a bit. It was a good thing tho, gave me a little bit more break before I finished it.

Finally after my fiance helped me pin the 2 fabrics together and cut the excess I went to my sewing machine and started sewing. That was so much harder than I had thought. I finally managed to get it all sewn up, well all except a section where I had to flip the pieces back to the right side out. Finished sewing it and now its all FINISHED!! It looks amazing and I love it. Its not too heavy and not too light, its just right.

Enjoy the pictures below!!


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