T = part dog?

So my son T is sitting on his little potty eating his food which is now brunch and he wanted his hands clean. We kept telling him no because he still had some food left to eat. See he likes to use his fingers, not too over keen with using a fork yet but knows how to use a spoon. But anyways, finally daddy decided to clean his fingers because they were sticky from the syrup. Few seconds after having his fingers cleaned he decided he was still hungry. So he walks over to his plate squats down and picks up a piece of food with his mouth just like a dog. We couldn’t believe it. I guess he didn’t want to dirty his hands again. When he went to pick up another piece with his mouth he dropped one on the floor and we told him. Off he went squatted down half way under the chair and picked up the piece of food with his mouth.

I am still in shocked/confused by T. I have never seen a kid do this before. Yeah he has done it before when he was younger but again doing it. I wonder what other kids do crazy stuff like this? For all the cousins I remember when they were younger I don’t remember seeing any of them doing anything like this.

I am starting to think he was around his great-grandparents dogs too much when he was younger LOL. Maybe that’s where he got the idea? Or even maybe his kitty?


3 thoughts on “T = part dog?

  1. hey its stephanie..kids imitate everything i remember there was a time when my so barked when someone knocked at the door lmao…its cute and funny but as far as im concerned perfectly normal.


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