Found this tutorial yesterday and I wanted to make it. First attempt was a major no go, the fabric I used just sucked for it. Couple hours later I decided to try at it again but with different fabric. Finally got it to work a little better. I sewed the body together with the sewing machine and for some reason I had to go back and hand sew some spots. The ears I thought was a pain too! I think the easiest part was stuffing him. After I got him together and stuffed, I tried to get him to stand. Now the giraffe is supposed to be able to stand and for some reason mine was being difficult, but finally after fighting with it I got it standing!

The little giraffe is a little bit taller then a 24oz bottle of Pepsi! Its really cute once it is finished. I think next time if I need to make one I might hand sew it, maybe won’t have as many problems?!

I got the tutorial from Women’s Day magazine, the tutorial isn’t the best but you can kind of figure it out.


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