The Bathroom…a new hideout!

Our apartments has 1 1/2 baths so downstairs is the half lol and the door on it well if you shut it, its easy to just push it open. The only way you can get the door to stay shut is close it and move the door to the one side then it stays in place.

Well T decided he can run into the bathroom, close the door and keep himself in it, then yank the door open when he is ready to come out. Its funny he will run from the kitchen into the bathroom and slam the door shut. Tell him to come out and yells “NO” and then giggles. Keep telling him and he yells “NO” again and giggles even more. Daddy would hide by the washer which is in a corner near the bathroom and wait for T to come out of the bathroom. T would come out of the bathroom and look at me with a funny face like “come get me” and run back in the bathroom, all this time daddy is right behind him. Does it again but this time daddy attacks lol, scares the hell out of T but he just laughs about it and runs back into the bathroom. Its really funny he runs into the bathroom and keeps the light off, so that’s a good thing he’s not afraid of the dark. We even tried turning on the light before getting our arm slammed in the door and he goes and turns it back off.

Its just funny when he does it. He can go for almost an hour doing this. A lot of the time he will just stand in the bathroom and make noises cause it echo’s. If you try to open the door he will go and he will quickly grab the door handle and slam the door shut and giggle more.

Its moments like this that makes me enjoy being a mom even more. Its just some of the fun/weird things that T does that makes life even more interesting. I just at times wish I could have his energy. T mommy & daddy love you very much, we know you can’t read this but we do and don’t ever change who you are!!


3 thoughts on “The Bathroom…a new hideout!

  1. I can’t get over how much energy he has!. Sometimes it feels like he’s the energizer kid with a nuclear core. I only hope that he stays like this forever and never changes. He has been the greatest achievement in our lives, and I know that our next child will be just as amazing as T.


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