Dinosaur Train

T loves the show Dinosaur Train and well yesterday they released their first full length movie called “Dinosaur Train Big City” and well PBS is airing it free on their site for those who didn’t get to see it on TV.

So daddy decided to sit with T and watch it on the computer. Well he got as far as part II of it then T had to come over to me and finish watching cause daddy had to do something. Well T watched about 5 mins more of it and was done with it.

So here I am still watching the movie, part III just got over with and part IV is about to begin. T was throwing books at me for no reason. Its like am I really that bad of a mom? I don’t think I am last I knew I was a really great mom.

Now he is standing here next to me watching part of the movie again, but it won’t last long I know him only too well. But, if I was daddy watching it he would be sitting still with no problem.

I just want to know why he won’t sit still with me?


2 thoughts on “Dinosaur Train

  1. Easy! Mine does that too. Because daddy’s watch waaaay more TV than mommys. Daddy always gets him to sit with him in his chair. For me, he’s up and down and all over because I’m always up and down and all over.


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