Potty *UPDATE*

T has gotten much better with going on the potty!

We have his potty sitting out in our living room. I know that sounds crazy but its the only way we can get him to go right now. I was told when I was his age I did the same thing, that I would drag mine out to the living room or where ever and sit and go, and I guess I did it no matter who was visiting. So I guess that went into my son lol. I rather see his potty in our living room then constantly going thru pull-ups.

We have this deal now with him, we tell him either his undies (which this kid has many different types: boxer briefs, Thomas & thick fabric training undies and the plastic udies) if he don’t want his undies on we tell him that he needs to get on his potty then. Guess what he sits on the potty and goes!!

T has also gotten a little better at letting us know when he has to go. He will start tugging at his undies, so we tell him to grab from the sides and pull down. So he does and gets on the potty. But, he has been a smarty pants at times, he thinks he can pull his undies down and just run in the nude.

So we have gotten further into T using the potty. We still have a lot further to go, since he has to let us know when he has to go when we are outside playing or out in public. But it takes time and I am so very proud of him on the progress he has made!!

Mommy & Daddy loves you T and we are very proud of your progress!!


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