Their Moving!!!

My grandparents have been out at my uncle’s piece of property camping since the end of June. They are just now this Friday (9/9/11) is going to be moving into a place!

The got evicted out of their previous place for what I have no idea. The decided to stay up at my uncle’s property until they could find another place that would take smokers, 2 dogs, 2 cats (one is ours) and a bird. Well a few weeks ago they got told there is a place they could move into.

Well they kept telling them in a few days, in a few days they could move in. An attorney had to be brought in because the people who bought the house was being dicked by the people they bought it from. Finally tomorrow its closing in the morning and the people who bought the house said my grandparents can move in tomorrow!!

I am so glad they are being able to finally move into a place. Maybe there will be less stress in our household. Because with them not being in a place yet they have been calling here and doing a lot of bitching. Thank you God for the finally being able to move into a place.


One thought on “Their Moving!!!

  1. Thank god for small miracles. Only took them all summer to move. And as I type this, she says no more, but to be honest, all it takes is one wrong thing said and the moving trucks will be back again lol. So let us hope this is the last time they move.


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