Okay, so how many of us have another half that snores ALL night?

*Raise hand* I do! D’s snoring is sooo annoying. Yes I know I snore but c’mon I don’t snore that bad. When T was just a baby and was still in our room, D almost woke him up from his snoring. A lot of the nights I have to shove him or punch him because the snoring is so loud and can’t get no damn sleep.

So I have figured out why men snore and I’ve been told this many times and laugh every time. D only snores when he is on his back, so I am always telling him to lay on his side. The reason why men snore when on their back is cause their balls is over their bung hole and they can’t breath. LOL. I can’t believe how many times I have heard this and starting to realize it may just be true. Since every time D lays on is back he snores but on his sides he don’t?!?

So next time your other half starts snoring see if their on their back and if they are well I guess it might be their balls cutting off air way LOL.


4 thoughts on “Snoring

  1. Omg! F does too! It got to th3 point where we slept in different rooms for a while. It’s because when they sleep on their backs…. the extra weight is bearing down on their lungs… I think anyway…


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