Homemade Spicy Chicken Pizza!

I had to post this. I make some really good spicy chicken pizza and figure I would share with everyone!

Ingredients Needed:

–>Chicken of personal choice

–>Pizza Sauce (can get can for .99)

–>At least a 2cup size bag of cheese

–>Packet of pizza dough (or anytime of dough you want)

Making the Pizza

–>Preheat the oven to 350.

–>Make you dough and let it set near the oven for about 5 mins give or take.




–>While your dough is setting this is the time to cook up some chicken in the microwave. I usually cook the chicken so its about half done since your putting it in the oven when on the pizza so it will be able to finish cooking then. Once the chicken is partly cooked, cut it up into the preferred size pieces and set aside.

–>Once the dough has set time to put it on the pan, put some oil on your hands and form the dough onto the pan. This part is usually tricky put its def worth it!

–>Put on as much pizza sauce as desired. I don’t like a lot of sauce but I put enough on to cover the dough.

–>Take your cheese of choice and sprinkle some on to the sauce. I personally use just enough to cover all the sauce.

–>Remember the chicken? Time to get that and put on as much chicken as you prefer. We like a lot of chicken on ours so we cover it all up with the chicken!

–>Once the chicken is on, take the rest of the cheese from the same bag and spread it all over the pizza. If your using spicy chicken with all the cheese on top it will cut the spice down a little. We have to do it that way or sometimes it bothers the stomachs.

–>Pop the pizza into the oven and let it cook until the crust is turning lightly brown. Times always differ so I am sorry for not being able to give exact time. It usually takes us about 10-15mins.

–>Once the crust looks done, pull out of the oven, cut up to the prefer slices and enjoy!!

Be careful when taking if off the pan to eat, the crust sometimes have a tendency of being a little thin so it will fall apart lol. But it taste so much better. I prefer making my pizza then getting it from a restaurant it just taste SO much better.

We like to sit with a few slices of pizza with a Pepsi and enjoy our dinner.

Hope to those who read this and decide to make enjoy the pizza. You don’t have to make it spicy can just use regular breaded chicken. We just like it with the spicy. So enjoy!!!







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