Bedtime Stories


This is something new T has started to doing. Every now and then before daddy takes him up to bed he has mommy read him a story. Usually its only one story but tonight it was 4 stories!!

I couldn’t believe he sat still for all 4 of the stories. This kid has a short attention span like most toddlers do, hence the reason why I am still shocked. I am glad to finally see that T is taking more interest in books, especially one’s that are not Thomas & Friends.

I believe reading books to T is just an amazing time I get to spend with my son even if its only for a few mins. I think being a mom is the most amazing thing!

4 Books we read:::

–>The Berenstain Bears and the Prize Pumpkin

–>Clifford’s Sports Day

–>The Berenstain Bears and the Eager Beavers

–>Clifford the Small Red Puppy


3 thoughts on “Bedtime Stories

  1. It is really nice when they start taking more interest in books! I find that my daughter will sit still for a book of her own choice, but has a much more limited attention span for MY ideas! haha


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