Picky Eater

T is a very very picky eater. I ask myself why he is this way. When I was his age I wasn’t picky like him and D wasn’t picky either at his age. But we think some of daddy’s side of the family kicked into him cause his one uncle was/is a very picky eater.

T will eat pancakes, waffles, french toast, PBJs, crackers, yogurt and vanilla & banana pudding. Anything else we try he WILL NOT eat. I have tried so many different things and it just ends up on the floor. Now we have carpet all thru the apartment. We tried putting plastic down and the little booger knows how to throw just right to were it lands on the carpet instead.

He used to eat more then he does now. But for some reason we try the same foods from before and he want’s nothing to do with them. We even got him the Gerber little entree’s and he won’t eat those, even tho he used to.

I asked his doctor and he said oh its fine, a lot of kids go thru that, as long as he is eating something. Yeah well that fine in all but he has to eat more then the same thing over and over again. He has been this way for months and months.

I am just at my wit ends with trying to get him to eat different foods.


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