Left Handed

Well T is lefty and proud of it. Myself & D are both right handed.

I personally think its pretty neat that I have a son that is left handed. He is actually pretty good compared to some kids that are right handed. T gets the left handedness from my side of the family, I have an uncle and a brother who are left handed, actually my uncle can write with both.

T will use his right hand every now and then but for the most part its lefty to the rescue lol. Ever since he has been able to figure out how to use his hands its always been the left.

I absolutely love watching him color or do anything because its so interesting watching him use the left hand. He helped one time make muffins and mixed with the left hand and did a really great job too!

My fun is really going to begin when he is old enough to go to school. I say this because they force the children to use their right hands. I don’t think it is very right of them. How can you force a child to use a hand they are not used to doing. I have already said if they try to force him I will be pulling him out of school and home schooling.

I just recently really started working with him on the writing with the left hand. To be honest for me being right handed I am getting a little better with writing left handed. It was so cute T and I sat and I was holding his hand showing him how to write his name, as we wrote them out I was saying the letters he did good except for when it came to the letter “R” but other then that he did really great.

So to all you lefties out there I give you a lot of credit. Being left handed you hear a lot of crap about it. Like I’ve said I like watching my son draw and do things with this left hand. Its just simply amazing how he can do anything I can do with me being right handed and him being left!


4 thoughts on “Left Handed

  1. Jade writes with both all the time. They say by the time they are 2 you will know. She switches from left to right, right to left, even with throwing, drawing, anything really. Maybe one day we will know πŸ™‚ Love the pictures. He looks so proud!


  2. My little boy appears to be left-handed too, and as a lefty myself, I am extra proud of him! I don’t remember anyone ever trying to force me to use my right hand, but school was difficult just because most teachers were right-handed. Being a lefty and trying to learn from a righty is like trying to learn ‘backwards’. It can be a little confusing.

    On the plus side, lefties tend to be more ambidextrous than most people because they are forced to grow up in a right-handed world!

    T is adorable. πŸ™‚


    • Yeah our schools around here are really weird, hence the reason why I will have no problem with pulling him out of school if they force him. I can write left handed may not be the best but I could teach him, plus I could always have his uncle teach him cause he too is left handed.


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