Halloween Costume *UPDATE*

Today we went to our local Wal*Mart to look for a Halloween costume for T. At first we did our weekly shopping and found some really cute pj’s for T and just had to get. Well then we decided to head over to the costume section to see what they had. Well the cheapest they had for his size was $17, I couldn’t believe it. We decided well I guess I will have to try and make him a costume. Well gigi (T’s grandma) to the rescue! She said why don’t we use his pj’s we just picked out for his costume. OMG why didn’t I think of that?

His pj’s are skeleton and so very cute. Gigi said when I and my brother where younger she did that some times. This way he is getting multi-purpose out of them and the pj’s only cost $7. So we saved ourselves $10 and got an outfit he can use as his pj’s and a Halloween costume!

Below is a picture of T in his new pj’s/Halloween costume. Yeah it was taken in our bathroom because I kept chasing him down to get a pic and he kept laughing, well he ran into the bathroom to hide and well I finally was able to get 2 decent pics! Can’t wait for Halloween T is going to be a very cute skeleton!!


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