Pacifier No More?


Ever since T was born he always had a passy. If he didn’t have one he would scream and scream until he got his passy. I cannot count how many passy’s we have bought and ended up losing, thankfully Family Dollar sells passy’s really cheap! Well a few months ago we had him at least only using it at nap time and bed time. Mainly because at this point it was just used as a security thing. For some reason the past month he got back on the kick of always thinking he needed it. Now he as almost all his teeth already so we were really trying hard to get him off the passy. Thankfully the only passy he had was a teething one so it wouldn’t harm the teeth.


Sunday September 18, 2011 the final passy is thrown OUT! We were not expecting it to happen that quick but we had told T if he bit his passy and put a hole it in, that it was going to the trash and well he woke up and there was a major hole in it. At nap time T went to bed without it and he decided not to take one since he didn’t have his passy he just laid there. Bed time was going to be interesting, so we thought. We got him ready for bed and got our good night kisses in and off he went to bed. We had planned on this was going to be a long night. But we were wrong! Maybe 30mins or a little bit more and he was passed out!!


Couldn’t believe it! T made it thru the night without passy. We don’t plan on buying anymore passy’s because he is getting too old for them. So if we can get thru one night without it we should be able to get thru the rest of the nights without it! I am so proud of T with this accomplishment!

3 thoughts on “Pacifier No More?

  1. Way to go big guy!!! I know I am as proud of our son as you are!! Having him ditch that passy means he’s one step further in the right direction. Now we just have to get the whole potty thing nailed down, and we’re set!


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