Bad Day?

Have any of you mom’s wake up and just know your probably going to have a bad day?

Well today I woke up and had a feeling I am going to have some what of a bad day, and I was right. Woke up with a major headache, guess that headache from last night didn’t want to go away. Lucky me! But I can thank stress and nerves to my headache (and partially allergies), but hey us mother’s have NO STRESS…Yeah right.

Next D and myself was getting T’s breakfast ready for him. I was getting his drink ready and when I went to pick up the orange juice, guess what happens?!? I drop it on the floor, so had orange juice to clean off the floor and get the throw carpet picked up and into the washer.

So far its been a crazy morning and hopefully starts getting better. T has made it a little better by running up to me and saying “cheese” because I had the camera out, so had to snap a pic!

Seeing T smile like that just made my day a little better. Being a mom you have your ups and downs, but when your child just runs to you and smile’s it makes any bad day turn to good!


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