Pacifier No More? *UPDATE*

T has been off the pacifier since 09.18.2011 and is getting a little better without it!

Night one was not bad, he went up to bed and fell asleep with no problems. Night 2 that wasn’t much fun. He originally fell asleep on the couch at 11:50pm. Then we had to get him changed and take him up to his room, this is when the fun began. As soon as I laid him down on his bed he threw a fit. He was screaming for “P” (pacifier). We had to keep telling him that its all gone, but to a 2 year old it don’t mean much especially when they are already mad. Finally after hours he passed out in his bed. T’s gigi went into his room and finally got him to sleep cause he wasn’t listening to mommy and daddy. Night three NO problems. He gave our his good night kisses and hugs and went up to bed with no problem, I couldn’t believe it!

I am more proud of T he is doing so good without the pacifier. I will admit I wanted to so bad go out and buy a pacifier for him cause the screaming was getting out of hand, but I didn’t. I am glad I didn’t he seems to be getting better and better.


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