Headstart is kind of like a day care center but they do more with the children. If a child comes in and has a learning or speech disability they have a person come in and work with the child too. Now I was thinking about having T go there so he can interact with kids his own age. Since poor T has no kids his age to actually play with, he just has himself, and his only cousin that is 7months younger then him lives in another state.

BUT, I decided not to. WHY? Because I sat down and talked to D and my mother and we all agreed that T does more here at home then the kids at headstart does. I guess this headstart don’t really do much with 2 year olds except just have them play and eat when its lunch time. REALLY?!! I do so much more with T being home compared to being there. So I guess I will have to try and figure something out so T can have more interaction with kids his own age.

The village we live in is very small and there is not much for kids around here unless you drive to the cities. Now I ain’t driving that far just so he can have interaction with kids. Ugh sometimes I just hate where I live because there is nothing for T, but I also love where I live because its a really nice quiet place and has a lot of history in it.


2 thoughts on “Headstart?

    • They have story time, but it was during the summer and was from 9:30am-10:30am I think and just wouldn’t work. Also the play time they don’t have or if they do he’s still too young, anymore the stuff they have is for kids 4yrs and up.


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