12:40am Wake up!

T went to bed around 9ish like usual. Daddy took him up and put a movie in and he fell asleep well first he was quiet then started screaming cause he pooped so had to change him and back up he went and passed out. We figured he was doing good since he didn’t fuss to go to bed since he hasn’t had the pacifier since Sunday (9.18.2011)! But guess we were wrong!

Mommy & daddy went to bed a lil after 12am, just about asleep and I hear T crying >_>. So I jumped out of bed and got to his room to see what was the matter. Of course a 2 year old won’t tell you what’s wrong. Turn the light on and trying to calm him down. He wouldn’t stop crying, I sat on his chair and tried to get him to come to me and he got out of bed and went to his window and started smacking the curtain. Now his curtain’s have Spongebob on them. After he smacked the curtain’s he started to hit his head on the wall. So now I am really wondering what was wrong.

So mommy is sitting in the chair next to his bed, daddy sits on the edge of the bed and Trent finally comes up to his bed and lays down. We took out the movie he was watching and put in Curious George. At first he was still getting whinny and wouldn’t listen so daddy ran down and got him a drink. Finally T climbs up to his bed sits there with daddy and watches the movie. I’m sitting in the chair watching him making sure he wasn’t going to fall asleep with the sippie cup. All 3 of us started to fall asleep, so I got up and was just about out of the room and T opened his eyes and started crying mumma, so back to the chair I went. At around 1:24am T finally fully falls asleep!!!

Mommy & daddy leave the room no more crying just the lovely sound of a child sleeping! All I can think of is with the top of the window was open and maybe when the breeze came in it scared him when the curtain moved. I am still not sure, but glad he finally fell back to sleep, but he still ended up waking up at his normal time of 8:30am.

2 thoughts on “12:40am Wake up!

  1. I’m sooooooooo glad he went back to sleep. I don’t think I could have stayed up any longer just to make sure he passed out. So now let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope for an uneventful night filled with him sleeping comfortably in his bed.


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