1 week Pacifier Free!!!

Today celebrates something grateful, well in our house it does! Today marks 1 week since T has no had the pacifier!!!!

We have had a times during the week when we just are at our wits ends and almost went and bought another pacifier, but we DIDN’T. We stuck to our guns and got thru it. There was a few times he never napped because of not having the pacifier but just ended up going to bed early. Bedtimes we have had a few bad nights but also go thru it. It was really hard when he would start crying for “p” but we had to keep telling him that its all gone, we think he finally got it thru his head!

Overall it may only be a week since he had the pacifier but its a major achievement for him. We are so very proud of T and proud of ourselves for sticking to our guns and not going out and buying another one. I guess can say T is officially pacifier broken!!

No more pacifiers in this house, well until we are able to conceive and have another child! (until then we remain pacifier free!!)

One thought on “1 week Pacifier Free!!!

  1. Today deffinatly marks a milestone in T’s ever growing life. Being without the passy has not only been tough for us as parents having to deal with temper tantrums, no naps, and fights to get him to bed, but for him it’s a security he has to now over come. I think he has done amazing so far and I can’t wait to cross over more milestones!


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